Tough Questions

We are glad you have chosen to seek answers to these “Tough Questions!”  We want to help you answer these questions.  We encourage you to check out the videos below!  If you should have any other questions please contact us by email or at the contact information below.  Thank you for your time and may God guide you to the truth!

What is Truth?

Truth & Relativism

Do We Hunger
For Truth Today


Is the Bible

Who is God?

Does God Exist

Is God A
Human Invention

Do All Religions
Lead to God

Is the God of
Islam the God
of Christianity

Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus God

Is Jesus the
Only Way

The Resurrection

The Resurrection

Now What?

If you have more questions we would love to talk to you further and help you find the answers to your questions.  You may contact our Senior Pastor by email or by the contact information below.  They will be happy to help you in your search for the truth.
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