Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Making Disciples is the first step in CSMBC's strategy of making life long disciples for Jesus Christ.  Jesus commanded His followers to go and share the good news of His birth, death, resurrection and teachings with the world (Matthew 28:18-20). We take that commandment very seriously and it is the cornerstone of our discipleship model. 

 Biblical Basis

1.  We have been given a Great Commission.
2.  We have power through the Holy Spirit.
3.  We are ambassadors for Christ.
4.  We all must carry the gospel wherever we go.


Below you find several resources that will help you as you seek to fulfill this step in the discipleship model.  These resources cover topics such as witness training, testimonies from those who have shared their faith, apologetic (defense of the faith) training, and much more.  These resources are valuable tools to help deal with many of the hard questions you may encounter as you share your faith in Christ with others.  Remember, the power and conviction comes from the Holy Spirit.  Our commission is to share the Truth.


In addition to our Discipleship Model (Baseball Diamond), we have also developed a strategy for each step (Base)  in the process.  This strategy outlines the biblical basis, the attitude the believer must demonstrate, potential training, putting the training into practice and the results that should come from a disciple fully living out this base.