Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church
Sunday, May 31, 2020

 To be a kingdom-focused church by Making disciples, Maturing believers, Moving them to ministry, and to Multiply themselves.

We want to thank you for your interest in CSMBC!  We here at Callie Self enjoy a rich history of ministry for Christ and look forward to a bright future. We strive to trust God day by day as He leads us in the direction we should go.  We pray that you would venture into this website with an open heart.  We not only want to provide you with general information about the church but also to reveal to you our desire to follow God’s Word in all we say and do.

 Our goal here at CSMBC is to develop lifelong disciples for Christ.  We believe the church has suffered over the years from fast conversions with no growth.  Many have made professions of faith in Christ but have not been properly discipled.  As a result, many have slipped out the back door of the church never to be heard from again. 

Jesus tells us there are two sides to disciple making in the Great Commission, “go, therefore, and make disciples … teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you”(HCSB).  Therefore, at Callie Self we not only teach believers to share the gospel, but to invest their lives in others to help them grow in the faith.  This is shown through the model to the left.  As each new believer takes the next step in their walk with Christ, a fellow brother or sister in Christ will walk with them down that path.